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History of the Löwenzorn

Obviously the history of the building called zum Löwenzorn is one of the most exciting in the old part of the city of Basel.

In medieval times there used to be three different houses on the site where the Restaurant Löwenzorn is presently located. The oldest part of the building was mentioned for the first time in 1327. The second one was first mentioned in the beginning of the 15th century, but it was completely destroyed by fire in 1495. Also the third house was destroyed by the fire and rebuilt not earlier than 1516. The exquisite main entrance-portico in Renaissance style was built in 1560.

From 1740 to 1830 the house was owned by the Mitz family, Daniel Mitz was a former mayor of Basel. In 1874 a brewer bought the building and transformed it into an elegant restaurant. His brewery took over the brand-name Löwenbräu referring to the house′s name Löwenzorn. The brewery lasted until the First World War and was bought later by the Warteck brewery.

Just before the turn of the century it belonged to the Feldschlösschen group, which refurnished the whole building. Since 1996 the two old-established groups of students (or fraternities) called Rauracia and Allemannia have been the proprietors of the building.

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